Info on breaking up a dog fight.

Info on breaking up a dog fight.

Do take note that breaking up a pair of fighting dogs can be very dangerous and even be fatal. This article here is just an information of how the experts do it. People who handle dogs day in day out especially working in kennels are very familiar with dogs hostility. Be warned that you do not do it if you are not trained to deal with it.

Dogs that gets into a fight are usually the aggressive ones. If you have a dog that shows aggressiveness, do be aware that it will get into a fight sooner or later if you do not confine it. The better option is to send your dog to a training school to curb its aggressiveness before any unfortunate incident happens.

Breaking up a dog fight can be nasty. It is no child’s play or layman’s fete. It is a grave issue. Know where you stand and never get close to the fighting dogs. Even if it is your dog, never, and I repeat, never get near it and command it to stop. Worst still if you were to go and pull your dog. It will snap at you because it does not even know it was you or that it has bitten you. When dogs are fighting, they are in a survival mode. And when you grab it, it just react out of reflex or may think that there is another aggressor. So when they are fighting, they will bite anything.

Experts usually break the dog fight by pulling the hind legs of the dogs. Usually there will be two person to break up the fight. Each of them will have to grab the hind legs of each dog and pull them apart. After pulling them apart, they will continue pulling back with a circled side step. This is to keep the dog off balance and the dog needs to use its fore limbs or legs to keep the balance if not, it fall down. By doing this, it keeps the dog busy and will not be able to turn around and snap at them. This is continued until the dog is dragged into another room or confinement before letting go of its legs. Never release the dogs or even one of them until they are separated and isolated in their crate, as it will rush back into the fight.

When a dog handler is alone and there is a pair of dog fighting, this is how he will do it to separate the dogs. He will use a leash and putting through the handle to make a snooze, then tie the dog around its loin area and pull it to a tree, pole or anything that he can anchor to. Then he will start pulling the other dog by its legs and do the same technic like both people pulling apart the fighting dogs.

However there are a lot of folks offering ideas and the approach of separating a pair of fighting dogs. One of these is to hose down the dogs with water. It may sound hilarious but that is a very logical idea. Because when you hose down the dogs with water, it cools them down. And at the same time you can keep a distant from the dogs.
Always, always keep a save distant from a pair of fighting dogs as it can be dangerous. Let the experts handle it. Call them when there is an emergency.