Seven Common Mistakes Made By Rabbits’ Owners

Rabbits are very different from other pets. For people who are buying this cutie for the first time, although we feel very satisfied to buy those favorite foods and toys for our rabbits, usually we will not read the descriptions or contents of these things and will buy anything with pictures of rabbits attached to it. Just because the above description shows a picture of the rabbit does not mean that this thing is good for your rabbit. However items such as rabbit droppings disposal box or toys can still be bought and also foregoing the description.


The second common mistake people who keep rabbits will make is to buy a small cage and again these are often sold at pet stores, and sometimes misunderstanding.  This is probably one of the notions where we will see a picture of a rabbit on a box with some weird slogans like “dream life”. If the cage is for a baby rabbit, it will grow to double its size in two months and you may not need the cage anymore and will have to throw it away. Just like cats, rabbits need a spacious and comfortable place where at least in a large space like a training enclosure. The price for the enclosure will be cheaper than the price of a big cage.


If buying a cage is one of your options, then the size and measurement of the cage is very important so that we do not make mistakes when buying. For example, the size of 24 inch x 36 inch is more suitable for rabbits that weigh less than 8lb or 32 inch x 40 inch for larger rabbits. With the freedom to move freely in its nest in a large and comfortable space, your rabbit can also be very easily trained to use the toilet.


Next up the forth mistake is dry grass consumption. Dry grass is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet. Therefore, avoid giving your rabbit small amount of dry grass for consumption such as 9inch x 6inch x 2inch. Although a small hay consumption seems to match a cute rabbit, the quantity will not be enough for the rabbit’s daily dose. Barriers on hay eating that are not wide enough will make it difficult for your rabbit to pick up hay.


Furthermore, there is a belief where just giving our rabbits to eat carrots is enough for the rabbit’s daily diet. For the rabbits, carrots are just like candy to them. Carrots should only be given in small amounts as a food that is rarely eaten. Eating too much and you will find your rabbit sick or dead if this continues. Therefore, the most nutritious intake for rabbits is vegetables and the most important diet for rabbits is hay, grass, leafy vegetables and a small number of measured pellets.


The sixth mistake is getting the wrong pellet or pellets. Often times you will see pellets sold that are over-processed where it comes with additives like nuts and fruits. All of these are foods that rabbits do not need. Pellets are actually not a food requirement and they are merely a side dish or supplement only. But if you want to provide pellets for your rabbit, use a brand you can consider where the brand has at least 18% fiber in the content. Excessive pellet intake will also cause obesity and can lead to a variety of serious health problems. For example, one quarter cup once a day is enough for a rabbit weighing 5lb.


The last mistake is to lick rock salt. About this popular tradition and belief, still nothing is known about its origins. Giving your rabbit a lick of rock salt is like giving your rabbit a bottle of salt. Are we going to eat rock salt for fun? No. So why with our rabbits? This action is very unhealthy for your cute ones because your rabbit is already getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs adequately from their vegetables and hay. In conclusion, your rabbit should not lick salt, vitamins or use hardwood objects to grind their teeth. Rabbit teeth will always be in the correct length produced by the silicates and lignin present in the grass or hay content.