Dog Vaccination

Dog Vaccination

Every dog loving family will be happy to welcome a new puppy home. We frequently hear that puppies are cute, nice to curdle, adorable, charming and so on. When we take a dog home, we are committed to provide food and medical care for the dog for its lifespan which could be as long as 15 years. Understanding some basic requirement of owning a dog and the care for its well-being is necessary. Vaccination is a prevention to ensure the well-being of our pets.

The common first year vaccination as per recommended for the puppy is as per the following. When the puppy reached the age of six to eight weeks, you need to visit your veterinarian for the puppy first vaccination. This will be your pup’s first vaccination and it is for Distemper, Measles and Parainfluenza. Thereafter, at 10 to 12 weeks, you will need to visit the veterinarian for the second vaccination. The second vaccination will be the booster vaccination of the first inoculation. Then when the puppy reaches 12 to 24 weeks, it is high time for Rabies vaccination. The DHPP vaccination which stands for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and Parainfluenza, is to be administered when the puppy is at 14 to 16 weeks old.

Vaccinations schedule recommended to be administered to dogs are Rabies and DHPP between one year to sixteen months of age. And every one to two years, the dog should go for DHPP vaccination. Every one to three years, your dog needs to be vaccinated against Rabies. As Rabies is contagious, also between wild animals, usually its requirement is set by the authority.

The vaccinations are for the prevention of the following diseases:

  • Distemper: This is a viral disease and will cause fever, respiratory problems, convulsions and diarrhea. It attacks the nervous system as it grows in the white blood cells. It is usually fatal.
  • Measles: This virus is the canine adapted measles of human measles. This virus is group together with Distemper, that is why Distemper vaccination includes this Measles vaccine.
  • Leptospirosis: This bacteria is usually transmitted through contaminated water such as contamination from rodent urination. It can cause kidney and liver failure, vomiting and fever.
  • Rabies: This is viral infection. The common recommendation is once every 1 to 3 years. It affects the brain and nervous system. Symptoms of this disease includes convulsions and difficulty in swallowing. Finally it causes death. Contagious to humans.
  • Parvovirus: This disease can spread and is fatal. It can cause vomiting, fever and serious diarrhea with blood in the stool.
  • Para-influenza: This virus is carried by air. The vaccine can only protect this kind of virus to a certain degree and is not totally preventive. It can affect the dog and cause irritating cough which is also known as Canine cough. Usually older dogs and puppies are more prone to it and can be disastrous.
  • Hepatitis – The disease is known to affect the liver foremost. For matured dogs, hepatitis can cause bleeding diarrhea, fever, weakness and loss of appetite. It can be fatal if puppies are infected with this disease.