Why Cats Love Boxes So Much

Cats and boxes, the most suitable things like peanut butter and jelly. Like many strange things your cat has ever done, scientists also cannot completely solve the mystery of cats with box codes, but experts have found that there are certain advantages and reasons that boxes can give to cats. Because cats are predators who like to ambush, boxes provide a good hiding place for them to hunt prey. We do not often see cats exhibiting this behavior outside the home, but they still mimic this behavior indoors. Obviously something else is going on between the cat and the box.


A cat that ‘if I can fit, that’s where I’ll sit’. You have to know that cats are used to choosing an odd place to rest, some will wrap like a ball in the sink, some like to sleep by the shoes, bring a small chair and other space that looks small or confined. Sounds odd doesn’t it?


Curious why is that so? When we introduce these empty boxes to our cats, they will begin to investigate the objects carefully. They are already familiar with every square inch of their area, so when something new comes in, they are clearly very curious. When the curiosity is gone, the natural behavior continues to cause this cute ones to jump in to play inside.


Some even explain that the box that cats like to enter mimics the comfort or body temperature that the kitten mother gives to the kitten when the kitten is snugging its mother. In addition, while sitting in a box, there is also an explanation that the cat’s body will release endorphins which allows the effect of reducing stress for the cat. Put a blanket in a box about the right size for your cat and it will probably be one of his favorite places to sleep. Confined spaces always provide a sense of security, and boxes help them keep their body warm.


Is box only for domesticated cats? When asked, “Why do cats like boxes?” You may also be wondering, “Do their big cousins ​​like the tigers also like boxes?” Domestic cats are not the only ones who enjoy the box. Big cats are also his fans. The only difference is the bigger the cat, the bigger the box! Laugh when people tells you that this is real truth.


The type of box you should and should not give to your cat. One of the things to consider when contemplating, “Why do cats love boxes?” is the type of box you sholud provide for your cat. Setting up a box is a great way to create a better environment. A small box that can be placed on a toy tree is the most popular box for some cats while some cats prefer box which is used as a hiding place close to the floor. Try out with your cat which one it likes best. Sooner or later you will get the right one for your pet cat.


If you are using a recycling box for your cat, make sure the box is safe to use. Safety precaution you should keep in mind is to inspect all hazardous parts of the box such as staples, handles, tape and so on. It should not result in any way which may suffocate or may be fatal if swallowed. Do not cover your cat in a box and leave it inside. Cats do not like to feel trapped and that is the feelings that your cat is not looking forward to.


The power of the box is already very clear. Cats provided with a box to hide and holed up are said to recover faster in their new environment than cats without a box to shield. In short, the hiding box is one of the most important things in a cat’s life. It is like a sanctuary.