Pets and its Popularity.

Pets and its Popularity.
Over centuries, man has been fascinated by animals in the wild, birds of the sky, fishes of the seas and rivers, amphibians that some makes your blood curdle if you are not that kind and so on. Some people are attracted by its beauty, charm, elegance, grace, cuteness, loyalty, faithfulness, curdliness and what other traits you can think of. And is anyone’s guess. Among the popular ones are, dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtle, snakes, poultry and other livestock.
Dogs and cats are among the most popular ones and after all they are domesticated since the beginning of civilization of man. Somehow humans and these animals has a unique bond of closeness that has no defined explanation or which man cannot decode. It has been reported that more than half of the American households either have a cat or a dog. Pet cats exceeded pet dog population in the United States. With a pet cat population of more than 81 million and pet dog population at 78 million.
There has been documented increase in the ownership of pets over the last several decades. With the increasing urban nature of society, people has been slowly departed from the farm animals. And this has rouse their action to have their own pets as companions.
Since more and more people are living away from their family or living alone, they come to appreciate the company of a cat or a dog. This is true when they come home every day after a tiring day at work and find it refreshing to have your pet snuggling up to you or even accompanying you on the couch watching TV or doing some other thing. For some people they feel the security with the presence of a dog even how small the dog may be, as the pet will sense any intruders and start barking, making noise to alert the owner especially those who stay alone.
The advantage of owning a cat or a dog over other pets is that they are easy to train. They can be taught to relief themselves at a certain place or area delegated to the pets. Living together with humans have expectations. Usually they would not want to have a pet that will mess up the whole house. That is why not every pet is suited to every person. Some people are more fussy with tidiness and hygiene while others are more adaptable and easy going regardless their pets sentiments.
Dogs and cats are more interactive in communication and that is the attractiveness in them. People usually would prefer pets that can react to their conversation and would talk to them affectionately. It seems that centuries of domestication and living with human, cats and dogs seem to understand their owners’ feelings and emotions. They sort of empathize with their owners and gives them the feeling of warm and positive respond.
Owning a cat or a dog is something to think of. It has been reckon that to own a normal size dog, its cost over the lifespan of the pet is about $13,000. And for a cat it is almost the same running at about $12,000. This is the usual normal running cost that is expected of the owner.