Adopting a Dog

Adopting a Dog
Before adopting a dog, you need to think seriously about whether you have the money and time required to care for the dog which have a lifespan of up to 16 years or more. A lot of folks have different lifestyles and changes jobs and career developments. This also displace them from one place to another as they progress in years. It is also true that people do change their lifestyle for the love of their dogs. Dogs especially need a lot of physical companion, and therefore require a deep emotional commitment as well as your time.
Will this be your first dog, or have you ever own a dog? Do you do a lot of outstation travelling and will not be home for an extended period of time? Will you have to do fencing to your garden to accommodate your dog? Will the dog be able to get along with the children? Do you have the time for grooming of your pet? What kind of playtime exercise to fulfill your dog’s requirement? Will walking on a leash be enough or otherwise? These are the type of questions that you need to look into and consider when you adopt a pet. When you go through the questions, it will also help you to understand what type of dog suits you and your family.
Certain breed of dog have certain nutritional requirement. It is not a one solution or a one dog food for all. Certain breeds needs higher intake of protein than others. Take for example a Dalmation. Dalmation is so susceptible to kidney disease that its needs for a low-protein diet is essential. And this breed also do require frequent checkups. So know the breed that you want to adopt.
A lot of people who really love dogs do not mind whether it is a pedigree or not. If that is the case, then there are a lot of abandon dogs at the local shelter homes which you can visit. A lot of these animal rescue homes and society of prevention of animal cruelty readily welcome dog lover to adopt their animals. All the dogs that are put up for adoption has gone through medical examinations by their veterinarian, so there is no issue of taking a sick dog home. Experts do agree that mongrels are one of the most hardy and rugged breed. They do have the best of inherited genes due to its natural selection of evolution in dogs.
Another issue that needs look into is the spaying and neutering of the dog. If you are not a breeder and do not intend to breed, then the advice is to spay or neuter your dog. It has its advantage that, if it is a female dog and if you do not spy it, you will find it messy during the time when the bitch is on heat. Not only will you encounter this issue, but you will find that all the neighborhood dogs will be fighting over your female dog. This nuisance can be avoided if you have all these information beforehand. And as for neutering of the male dog, it will saves you a lot of headache. As mention, it will be fighting with other dogs to mate. Neutering of your dog will make it more gentle as the male hormone, testosterone, is the culprit that boost its activity and its urge to look for mates.