About Cats

Cats has been one of the earliest animals to be domesticated in the history of humankind. According to history, cats were domesticated as far back as 9,500 years ago which should be around 7500 BC. It has a lot of positive features and usefulness including being cute and small size makes it one of the best animals to keep.

I believe readers have read or heard a lot of stories that cat originated from Eygpt. Actually cats comes from mostly all parts of the world. However it is believed that cats were initially domesticated in Egypt. The cats were highly revered in Eygpt in the oldern days that even the pharaohs “worship” them. History has shown that there were a lot of cat statues found in the Egyptian palace verifying that cat has a place in the royal family.

As said before that cats has a lot of usefulness and of great help to humans, that is how they flourish. Cats were domesticated and live side by side with man working and may some time enjoying each other company. Farmers would keep cats to get rid of mice and small animals from their fields and the storage house. Not only do cat kills rats but other pests that destroy the farmers agriculture. They were also useful in chasing away birds that comes and eat their harvest.

Besides utilsing the cats to work in their fields and godowns, cats also acts as protector for the farmers animals and family. Usually when farming, there are a lot of dangerous wild animals and pests including reptiles. Farmers usually will have a lot of cats to keep wild animals away and notoriously to eliminate snakes.

Cats has a flexible and nimble body yet strong. Their refexes are so quick that they can even catch a bird flying over their head. They have sharp teeth and retractable claws that has been adapted to killing small prey. They have very good vision among animals and can see in near darkness. Their sense of smell is much more better than that of human. Cats can hear very high pitch sound beyond the hearing of human and very faint sound.

It has been observed that most female cats are right-pawed, and most male cats favour their left paws. However cats can be lefties and righties, just like us. Study has shown that more than eighty percent of them are either lefties and righties, leaving the rest as ambidextrous.

Cats naturally come with short or long hair. There is even a breed called Sphynx cat which do not have a coat. This breed is created or developed through selective breeding. The lifespan of a cat is usaully between 12 to 18 years.

If you have a pet cat, you would be wondering why your cat sleeps most of the day. Could it be that they have not mice to catch or not happy? Or is it that cats are noctornal? You will be surprised by this one fact that cat sleep 16 hours of any given day. This means that one third of cats’ time spent awake is usually spent cleaning themselves.