What is a Pet

What is a pet?

Are you having problem with your pet?

Two of the most commonly discussed items that we always encounter. One is a definition or rather the accepted norm of what a pet is and will be elaborated, and the other is an issue which all pet owners will be glad that they know what their pets are feeling and telling them. Some expert in this subject termed it as animal psychology.

Pets is an animal that is usually kept chiefly for companionship or protection of a person. And it is so different from working animals such as sheep herding or sport animals which are used for hunting. Pets like dogs usually live together in the house with the owner, whereas working animals are kept outside the house usually in the farm house protecting the farm stocks or together with the herds.

There are numerous types of animals, reptiles, amphibians and so on, being kept as pets by people. Even big cats like tigers, leopards, panthers or lion has been kept as pets. These are usually termed as exotic pets but do be reminded that those are not really domesticated and they have those wild animal instinct and is dangerous to humans. Usually keeping this type of exotic pets needs regulated license by the authority.

However the most common ones are cats and dogs as they are most endearing to human beings. Both have been domesticated since ancient time with documents, artifacts and paintings indicating the relationship. And its long history of closeness to people whether in terms of companions or of assistance.

It is important to know that you need to understand what your pet is “saying” and communicating to you. You need to adapt to your pet’s mode or manner of communication to understand what they are conveying to you. You cannot expect your pet to totally adapt to human’s way of communication. That is why humans are of higher intelligence and are more “gifted” to adapt to situations and characters. So owners are obligated to learn the sign and gesture your dogs are exhibiting so that you can respond accordingly and really have a wonderful connection with your extended “family member”, the pet dog.

Pets are like us human beings and their health and wellness require attention. They will fall sick and be afflicted with illness and disorders if we do not understand their needs. Therefore the ample understanding of the animal psychology and physiology will help in keeping our pets, which most of us consider as part of our extended family, in a healthy state. By doing so, we will always be looking out for other modes to supplement their nutritional needs such as vitamins, apart from the processed animal foods which we feed them every day.

More and more people are also treating their pets with affections and would be getting supplies such as sleeping beds or bags, clothes, attire & shoes, collars & leashes, grooming supplies, flea & ticks comb, pet house, crates & carriers, carrying bags and any other things that you can think of. You can find a big list of accessories for your pets that you cannot even imagine existed when you surf the internet. This has been the dynamic development in our pets’ world created by man.