Get To Know Your Cat’s Nature Through its Sleeping Position

Did you know that your cat’s sleeping position can reveal its personality. Let us explore the following four positions that can tell us how and why our cats display them. Wouldn’t it be fascinating?

Sleeping Position: Worm Curl
Meaning: Don’t play with my feet when I am sleeping.
Do you like someone playing with your feet while you are sleeping? There are some very interesting things about the way a cat sleeps. Not only are our furry friends that are sometimes hard to predict, their stomachs are also the weakest part of them.
Although they love to be touched and petted, but like human beings, sleeping in a ‘curled worm’ position can give them the greatest comfort and security. So when they are sleeping like that, we should be careful not to go for their feet. As we learn and understand our pet more in depth, we will know how to respond and act on it. With this understanding, cats and their owners will live more harmoniously.

Sleep Position: Covering its face with its paws
Meaning: I like a dark bedding.
When a cat covers its face with its soft, small paws during its sleep, this shows that the cat likes to sleep in a room or around the room that is dark with minimum lightings.
This type of sleep also shows that the cat does not like his feet to be meddled during its sleep. When we know what it represents, then we can act accordingly. Do not turn on the light or bright light. Sometimes cats don’t like to be touched when they are in this position.

Sleep Position: Stomach exposed
Meaning: I trust you completely.
The stomach is the weakest part of the cat and because cats are animals known to be from the tiger family, they have a natural ability to protect themselves from any threat.
So, if your cat cuddles up and sleeps with her stomach exposed, this means that your furry friend trusts you completely and puts her safety in your hands. At the same time, it may also be testing your confidence.
While this may give their owners a chance to play with the fur on their stomachs, you need to be careful of stray cats when you touch them. It is due to them not recognizing you and one wrong step may lead to them scratching or stabbing you with their claws.

Sleep Position: Hugging each other
Meaning: We love each other more than you.
If your home has more than one cat and they always hug each other during their sleep, this shows that the cat is more trustworthy than its owner. Cats that spend most of their time with other cats will have less interaction between the cat and its owner. This means that your cat is less social, especially with you.
When you look at this position, you should try to spend more time with your beloved cat. Therefore, the cat owner should make sure that such behaviour should be stopped and not encouraged. This means your cat is more comfortable with the other cat than you. It is not good. It can also mean that your cat is unhappy. Therefore, try to improve this situation.