The Wonder Of Cats You Need to Know

Cats have become one of the earliest domesticated animals in human history. Historically, cats have been domesticated over 9,500 years ago, around 7500 BC. They have many positive features and uses including their cuteness and minature size making it one of the best pets to raise.

It is believed that many people have read or heard many stories that cats came from Egypt. Actually cats come from many corners of the globe. However, it is believed that cats were originally raised in Egypt. Cats were greatly respected in Egypt in ancient times and even pharaohs “worshiped” cats. History has shown that there are numerous cat statues found in the Egyptian court confirming that the cat had a place in the royal family.

It is well known that cats have many purposes and are of great help to humans, which is why their popularities are growing. Cats live and stay besidehumans while carrying out their jobs together. During that time he has also became a farmer’s friend. Farmers will raise cats to get rid of mice and small animals from their fields as well as grain storage homes. Not only cats kill mice but other pests that destroy the farm. Cats are also used to drive away birds who come to eat the produce of farmers.

In addition to using cats to work on farms and in grain storage houses, cats also act as protectors of the family of farmers and from wild animals. Usually during farming, there are many dangerous wildlife and pests including reptiles. Farmers will usually have many cats to deter wildlife and especially so to eliminate “enemies” such as snakes.

Cats have limble, flexible body, yet having a strong body. The cat’s reflex is so fast that it can catch a bird flying over its head. It has sharp teeth and retractable nails that have been customized to kill small animals. Cats have excellent vision in the animal kingdom and can see in the almost zero darkness. Their sense of smell is much better than human. Cats can hear very high pitched sounds outside the range of human hearing as well as very low noise.

It has been noted that most female cats favor the “right” hand (paw), and most male cats favor the “left” hand. However, cats can be left or right, just like humans. Studies have shown that more than eighty percent of cats are left or right, leaving the rest smart cats with both hands equally dominant.

Cats naturally come with short or long hair types. But there are also breeds known as Sphynx cats that do not have fur. This breed is created through selective breeding. Usually the life spand of a cat is between 12 and 18 years.

If you have a pet cat, you will wonder why your cat sleeps almost all day. Is it boredom without chasing after your mouse or cat? Or maybe cats are the kind of animals that are active at night? You may be surprised by this fact; cats sleep for 16 hours every day. This means cats are awake only one-third of the day. Are you impressed by the facts above?