The Benefits Of A Pet Dog

The Benefits Of A Pet Dog

The closeness of contact between a pet and its owner enhance physical and emotional benefits. It has been commonly known that pets have provided their owners great physical and emotional benefits.

By walking the dog, not only do you get your dog some exercise, the owner also gets to exercise and gets out to some fresh air and the environment around. The excitement of your dog being able to get out and you having a great time with your pet, makes physical exercise like a stroll in the park.

Pets have been credited to bridge the gap of human communication with social interaction and contacts. Walking your dog in the neighborhood, you will find more people talking to you and about your dog. This brings about good neighborhood relations and build their common interest.

Being as one of the family members, your dog can give you hours of fun and company. Nowadays, especially the so-called IT world, even family members are not communicating enough physically as most of them are busily glued to their gadgets. However a dog, being adorable yet mischievous, brings the family together in taking care of it and nurtures the family relationship.

Pets have been recommended by the medical profession to be employed as a therapeutic treatments. This is especially true and of significant positive consequences to elderly adults who are living in solitary environment. And especially so for those people who live solitarily after some bad encounter in life that they “hide in their own world” and live a reclusive life.

Pet dogs have become the therapy and hope, as it give reclusive people a sense of comfort, attention and someone to talk to. With a venue to release all the negative thoughts and suppressed emotions without any discrimination as the dog will be more empathetic than any other pet or person. Example of some of the therapy dogs are Irish Wolfhound also known as the gentle giant as it is a big dog, Chihuahua – small and cute being able to carry it along where ever you go, poodle – a fluffy and intelligent dog that provides a cuddly comfort, Corgis – a favorite with the royal family of England, Dachshund – helpful in anxiety disorders, depression, autism and epilepsy, and others.

Many conclusive evidence has been published by the medical profession that pets plays an important role in the well-being of their owners, both physically and psychologically. Ownership of a dog has become more than a pet. It has become more than a valuable asset as reports has shown that it is not the monetary satisfaction that can equate to the beneficial satisfaction that connects you to your dog.

Knowing that having a pet dog is beneficial, we need to understand that the dog also have its physical and emotional needs that you have to take care of. Therefore if you plan to own a dog, be sure to read more on its care and up keeping. Remember that when you take home a dog, it is a commitment that you need to fulfill for the lifetime of the dog.