While you are not at home, how do you keep your pet occupied.

This is especially true for those working people. While you are not at home, give your pet something to play with to keep them out of trouble. Especially when you have an active dog or cat, try giving them interactive pet toys that are designed to keep your pets’ attention and keeps them occupied. These toys are easily available at pet supply stores as pet toy manufactures are more aware of the needs of pet owners. Always try using a few toys by rotating them each time you are away so that your pets have the new feel each time you give them rather than some boring repetition.
Dogs or cats that tends to engage in “destructive” activities, especially on furniture, needs to be confined. You need to put your pet in a crate that is big enough for it to turn and move about. If the duration of absent of the owner is a long one like those working from 8am to 5pm, you need to understand that your dog need to ease itself. So you have to factor in an area for it to use as its toilet. Usually this can be easily bought from a pet supplies store.
Remember that your pet dog or cat must have ample food and water supply. Logically placement of the crate is important so that it is well ventilated and temperature that is suitable. Ideally never leave your pet cat or dog alone for more than 24 hours. Especially dogs, they will be lonely, so never neglect your pet.


Do you need to keep your dog outdoors!

If you are keeping your pet dog outdoors, you need to provide it with a well-built shelter. In some areas, the weather can change drastically and it is really harmful and can even endanger the life of your pet dog. So when we need to keep our pet outdoors, we need to consider a lot of factors. It will not be like a house that we live in with temperature controlled environment and protection from the weather.
It is necessary to take into consideration which part of the country we live in. Does it have four seasons? Does the temperature heats up hotly in the daytime and plunge to freezing cold at night. And other harsh environment factors that we need to pay attention to.
Some logical suggestion is to ensure that the shelter is high above ground as you do not want your pet to get wet if it rains or worst still in flood prone area. Furthermore the temperature of the dog house is more easily control when it is not “connected” to the ground.
The dog house should be able to withstand the winds, rain and the harsh environment of its surroundings. The shelter should be big enough for it to move about such as sitting and lying down comfortably. It should be well ventilated but not to the extend of allowing a draft of winds especially during the cold nights. Countries that have four seasons, the shelter must be constructed to cater for those revolving seasons with temperature controlled environment.
Whatever the reason, if you own a pet dog, you are committed to its well-being and comfort. Nothing beats being with you in your home.